2nd Lt John S. Whiteman Crew #1

John S. Whiteman

On the mission of May 24, 1944, when the crew crash landed in Denmark, the co-pilot was Horace Shelton rather than Harold Swisher.
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2nd Lt John S. Whiteman Pilot Evaded
2nd Lt Horace H. Skelton Copilot Evaded
2nd Lt Seymour Ringle Navigator Evaded
2nd Lt James A. Stevenson Bombardier Evaded
S/Sgt William G. Nunn Radio Operator Evaded
S/Sgt Richard H. O'Bannon Jr. Engr / Top Turret Evaded
Sgt Heath N. Liddle Ball Turret Gunner Evaded
Sgt Jack R. Culliton Tail Gunner Evaded
Sgt Orlando J. Yemma Left Waist Gunner Evaded
Sgt Marvin L. Carroway Right Waist Gunner Evaded

Recorded Missions

105/23/1944 Bayon (#73) (Unknown)
205/24/1944 Berlin (#74) 42-31619 That Sweet Thing