401st BG Album - Members

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Taken at the Memorial Program for D-Day, South Gate, CA.
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Bob Coffin (deceased) was a member of the 612th crew of J.C. Cromer.
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This F-16A 'Fighting Falcon', a member of the 401st Tactical Fighter Wing, bears the historical markings of it's predecessor, the 401st Bombardment Group.  The 'TJ' designates Torrejon AFB, Spain.

Note:  This aircraft was transferred to AMARC (Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center, Tucson, AZ) as FG0259 on October 21, 1994, and is apparently still in their inventory.
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The cockpit of "Miss Angela", a fully restored and air-worthly B-17G on permanent display at the Palm Springs Air Museum in California.

Note the throttle control levers in the center of the photo that allow for a single or multi-engine adjustment with one hand.
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614th Squadron Gunner (and television star) John L. Hurd autographs a "bomb" at John C. Szabo's Kingman Army Air Field / Sales Storage Depot #41 Museum, located in Hesperia, California.  Note that John is sitting on a B-17 radio operator's chair that came from one of the Kingman Flying Fortresses.

John Hurd was featured in The History Channel's presentation "Suicide Missions - Ball Turret Gunners".
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Air Force Academy
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Frank Seavey, John Peters, and Ben Young in front the 401st Bomb Group plaque at the Mighty Eighth Heritage Museum, Savannah, Georgia.

Photo taken during the 1998 Group reunion.