Braintree, MA (2004)

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Visit to Old Ironsides

'All Hands on Deck' The Sissons and Mauldins brave a cloudburst during a visit to the U.S.S. Constitution--'Old Ironsides'--in Boston Harbor.
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614th Squadron Dinner

Dick and Ruth Mettlen, Al and Amalia Crawford, George and Joyce Menzel, and Art and Marion Seder at the 614th Squadron Dinner.
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Recording Group History

Group Historian Dale Anderson recorded the recollections of a number of 401st veterans attending the reunion. Here he is shown with Roger Bernard.
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Andrews Family

Dick Andrews and his family, including three grandchildren serving in the Armed Forces
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Graham and Carol Bratley

Ready for the Group BanquetGraham is President of the 401st Bomb Group Historical Society made up of English friends of the 401st residing in the Deenethorpe area.
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401st Association Members Visit Concord

The reunion attendees took a bus tour of Lexington and Concord. Here they are shown crossing 'the rude bridge that arched the flood' at Concord
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The Minute Man Statue at Concord

Another photo of the Association members before the Minute Man statue near the bridge at Concord.
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401st Bomb Group Board of Directors

Members of the 401st Bomb Group Board of Directors are shown on a stairway at the Sheraton Braintree Hotel prior to the Group Banquet.
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Ladies Discussion Panel

'The Way it Was' Margaret Sisson, Dorothy (Jo) Pickoff, Marion Simpson, Ruth Mettlen and Jytte Winn (not shown) discussed World War II experiences from a woman's perspective
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Lexington Green

'The British are coming (again)' Our English friends, Graham and Carol Bratley, pause before the Minuteman statue at Lexington Green
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George and Joyce Menzel

'George Sez' George Menzel, Secretary/Treasurer of the 401st Bomb Group Association, and his wife Joyce enjoy the 614th Squadron dinner.
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George Menzel at the Podium

401st Group BanquetThe Association's Secretary/Treasurer was presented with the Harold W. Bowman Award for services to the 401st Bomb Group Association
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L. A. Mitchell and friends

Enjoying the Group Banquet
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Reunion Program

Group Banquet Program
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Reunion Hotel

The site of the 2004 reunion of the 401st Bomb Group Association--the Sheraton Braintree Hotel
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Al and Marion Simpson

Al and Marion Simpson, who have attended a great many 401st reunions, enjoy meeting their old comrades in Braintree.
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Sisson and Mauldin Table

Norm Sisson and his family, joined by Harold and Charlotte Mauldin, share a happy moment at the Group Banquet.
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Veterans Discussion Panel

'The Way it Was' A veterans panel consisting of Allen Crawford (obscured behind moderator Art Seder), L. A. Mitchell, John Collett, Roger Bernard and Dan Freitas discussed their experiences during World War II.