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Pictorial Record of the 401st Bomb Group [BlueBook]

401st Bomb Group
Edited and compiled under supervision of Capt. Gordon R. Closeway, 401BG Public Relations Officer. pub. (orig.) 1946, Newsfoto Publishing Co., San Angelo, Texas. 300+pp; ill., 7-1/2"w x 10-1/2"h x 1-1/2"t, oversize hard cover, upholstered, History of the 401BG - formation through operations, from 8th USAAF Station 128, Deenethorpe, U.K., and return to U.S. in 1945

Reprints similar, except squadron patches not in color, and photos not as 'sharp'. Many photos now in NARA Still Pictures Collection.

Directory Of Names and Addresses Of Former Members Of The 401st Bombardment Group.

401st Bomb Group
pub.1947, Newsfoto Publishing Co., San Angelo, Texas. 15 pages, 8-1/8"w, 10-1/4"h, 1-16"t. pamphlet. List, as best as could be assembled when returning to the U.S., all 401BG members and their stateside contact information.

613th Bombardment Squadron (H) Squadron History

613Sq., 401BG (H) history from April 1, 1943 by Lt. James L. Meredith, Squadron S-2 (Intelligence), transcribed from 401BG microfilm by Vic Maslen, who dedicated to Edwin W. Brown, former CO, 613Sq. 139 pages +/-, 9-1/2"w, 11"h, 5/8"t, , comb-bound soft cover.

note: Not commercially published. Similarly, Vic Maslen transcribed microfilm records for four other similar volumes:
612th Bombardment Squadron (H) Squadron History
614th Bombardment Squadron (H) Squadron History
615th Bombardment Squadron (H) Squadron History
401BG Control Tower Logs

2005 Directory, 401st Bomb Group Association

32 pages. 8-3/8"w, 11"h., 1/8"t., pamphlet. Not commercially published or distributed - for internal membership use only.

Airfield Focus 37: Deenethorpe

by John N. Smith. pub.1998 GME Enterprises, 67 Pyhill Bretton, Peterborough, PE3 8QQ, U.K. phone 0733 265123 e-mail: ISBN 1 870384 73 3, 34 pages, ill., 5-3/4"w, 8-1/4"h, 1/8"t. pamphlet. A pictorial and text history of the Deenethorpe Airbase, to present-day.

Airfields of the Eighth Then and Now

by Roger A. Freeman. pub.1978, Battle of Britain Prints, International, ltd., 3 New Plaistow Rd., London, E15 3JA, England. phone 01-534-8833. ISBN 0-900913-09-6 [pages?] ill. hard cover [size?]. Airfields in England, aerial views and unit histories.

p8-11 Intro & book organiz.,
p12-13 8th AAF Composition,
p.___? UK map with Units' named (2-pages)
p66-67 401BG @ Deenethorpe St#128.
[LA Pub.Lib]

Air Force Combat Units of World War II

edited by Maurer Maurer, USAF Historical Division Air University Department of the Air Force. pub.1960, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington D.C. ISBN 0-912799-02-1. 506 pages, ill.(insignia), 7"w, 9-1/2"h, 1-1/2"t. hard cover. Units' history summary and insigne.

p285-286, 401BG, p285, 401BG Group insigne p431-432, 1st Air Division, p463-464, 8th AAF

American Aviation Historical Society Magazine

Summer 1985, Vol. 30 #2, Inside cover: ad for 50th Anniv. of the Boeing B-17 celebration, to be held March 1, 1997.

American Badges & Insignia

by Evans E. Kerrigan. pub.1967 by the Viking Press, Inc., 625 Madison Ave., N.Y., N.Y., 10062. LOC 67-13505, 286 pages, ill., 6-1/4"w, 9-1/4"h., 1-1/2"t., hard cover. U.S. Uniform patches and devices.

p16-17, Sergeants' insigne
p52, 54, Army Air Corps collar device
p74-77, Bombardier Badge
p108-109,112-115, Pistol Marksmanship Badge
p212-215, AF Cadet; & US 8th AF badges.

Aviation in Northamptonshire

by Michael L. Gibson, pub.1982, Northamptonshire Libraries, 27 Guildhall Road, Northampton NN1 rEF. ISBN 0-905391-08-X. 360 pages; ill., 9"w, 11-1/4"h, 1-1/8t; oversize hard cover. Author's address: 11Knowle Lane, Weston on the Green, Bicester, Oxon, OX6 8QJ]. An Illustrated history, of flight in the Shire.

B-17 Flying Fortress

H.P. Willmott, pub.1980 Bison Books, div. of W.H. Smith Publishers Inc., 112 Madison Avenue, N.Y., N.Y., 10016. ISBN 0-8317-0600-7; 63 pages, ill., 8-7/8"w, 11-1/4"h, 1/2"t. oversize hard cover. B-17 models, development, construction and operational summary.

B-17 Fortress at War

by Roger A Freeman. pub. 1977, Charles Scribner's Sons. ISBN 0-684-14872-2; LOC 76-39758, 192 pages ill., 8-3/4"w, 11-3/4"h, 7/8"t, hard cover. A short history of bomber strategy in WWII, and comprehensive descriptions of 8th USAAF formation organization and sequence of events within, plus chapters describing the duties of each position of the B-17 crew.

p81-82, Flight organization: 3-planes = vee/flight; 2-vees = squadron; 3-squadrons = group; 3-groups = combat wing
p.97, Flak over Bremmen, 12/43. (b/w),
p.98, the Mary Alice story
p.113, Crew members' duties summaries:
p114-115,, Pilot
p116-119, Copilot,
p120-127, Bombardier,
p128-131, Navig.,
p132-135, Flt. Eng
p136-139, Radio (401BG)
p140-143, Waist Gunner,
p144-147, Ball turret,
p148-151, Tail gunner.

B-17 in Action

by Larry Davis, illus. by Don Greer. pub.1984 Squadron/Signal Publications, Inc., 1115 Crowley Drive, Carrollton, Texas, 75011-5010. ISBN 0-89747-152-0; 64 pages; 8-1/2"h 11"w, 1/8"t. ill., pamphlet. Models, markings, photos and short histories.

pages 3, 24, 25, 28, 29, 4 are 401BG related.

Castles in the Air

by Martin W. Bowman, pub. 1984 (hard cover), 1985 (paper back), Thorsons Publishing Group, Wellingborough, Northampton-shire, England. ISBN 0-85059 675-0 (hard cover); ISBN 0-85059 786-2 (paperback); 209 pages, ill; 7-3/4"w, 9-1/4"h, 3/4"t. paperback (and hard cover). Stories of B-17 and crews of the 8thAAF.

401BG related, Politz Mission, 10-7-44, p169-171.

Combat Squadrons of the Air Force, WWII

edited by Maurer Maurer, USAF Historical Division Air University Department of the Air Force. pub.1969 U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington D.C. 841 pages, ill. (insignia), 7"w, 10"h, 2"t., hard cover. Squadrons' history summary and insigne.

p684-685, 613SQ, and brief history,

Fighting Colors, B-17 Flying Fortress in Color [#6561]

by Steve Birdsall, illus. by Don Greer, pub.1986 Squadron/ Signal Publications, Inc., 1115 Crowley Drive, Carrollton, Texas, 75011-5010. IBSN 0-89747-180-6. 30 pages, ill , 8-1/2"w, 11"h, 1/8"t.. pamphlet. B-17 markings, nose art, and photos.

Flying Fortress

by Edward Jablonski. pub.1965, Doubleday & Co. Garden City, N.Y., ISBN 0-385-03855-0, LOC 65-19886. 362 pages., ill, hardback, 7-1/2"w, 10-1/2"h, 1-1/4"t.. A detailed biography of the B-17 design, and development, with stories of its War action history

401BG related, page.39.

Flying Fortress, the Boeing B-17

by Ernest R. McDowell, illus. by Don Greer. pub.1987 Squadron/Signal Publications, Inc., 1115 Crowley Drive, Carrollton, Texas, 75011-5010. ISBN 0-89747-189-X, 79 pages, ill., 8-1/2"w, 11"h, 3/16"t. oversize soft cover. Models, Combat Wing organizations and brief Group history, plus markings and famous planes.

401BG related:
p.39, 94th Combat Wing,
p45 401BG early markings & camouflage (color).

One Last Look

by Philip Kaplan and Rex Alan Smith, pub.1983, Cross River Press, Ltd., Abbeville Press, 488 Madison Ave., N.Y., ISBN 0-89659-404-1, LOC 83-8777, 216 pages, ill. 10-3/8"w, 10-1/8"h, 1-1/8"t. hard cover. Photos, text and images of then and now. Many 401BG related images.

Rex Alan Smith, HS 82 Box 167, Box Elder, S. Dakota 57719; phone 605.923.2507

Pioneers in Industry

FAIRBANKS, MORSE & CO. 1830-1945 PUB.1945, Fairbanks Morse & Co., 600 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill., 160 pages, Ill., 9"w, 12"h, 1/2"t, hardcover. Formation, growth and wartime years of Fairbanks Morse industrial activities.

p.45-48: George F. Sheffield, velocipede; & Car Co., Three Rivers;
p.82: 'Panorama' with Three Rivers plant aerial view.
p.117: photo, 1/18/43 'E' Award, Three Rivers plant;
p.153: FM Sheffield RR water standpipe UP RR photo

Portrait of a Flying Lady

George H. Menzel. pub.1994 Turner Publishing Co., 412 Broadway, PO Box 3101, Padukah, Ky, 42002-3101, phone 502.443.0121. ISBN: 156311-136-5; LOC 94-60145. 256 pages, ill., hard cover, 6-3/8"w, 9-3/8"h, 5/8"t.

Chapter 8, 10-7-44 Politz Mission.

Portrait of a Queen

oil painting by Stan Stokes (of 401BG bombers in flight). Original is in the James H. Doolittle Room, Western Aerospace Museum, North Field, Oakland, Ca. Prints: avail. from Jim Ratelle Framing, 555 Vine Hill Way, Martinez, CA. 94553. phone 415.229.2287. Painting also appears on Cover Art,:"Flying the Bombers B-17" videotape, V-2113, Warbird Tapes, American Sound & Video Corp.

The Army Air Forces in WWII

Vols I-VII, Combat Chronology 1941-1945; W.F. Craven and J.L. Cate; pub. 1948, Univ. of Chicago Press. Set: 7-1/4"s, 9-3/4"h, 14-1/4"w total (about 2"/vol.).

pp280-282 map; Oil Campaign:
p640-642 Pursuit of the Oil Campaign
p670-671 Air campaign eval., Dec.44,
p600-603; 614-615; 637-641, Training:

The 401st Bomb Group

George H. Menzel. pub.1994 Turner Publishing Co., 412 Broadway, PO Box 3101, Padukah, Ky, 42002-3101, phone 502.443.0121. ISBN: 156311-136-5; LOC 94-60145. 256 pages, ill., hard cover, 6-3/8"w, 9-3/8"h, 5/8"t.

Chapter 8, 10-7-44: Politz Mission.

The Bombers

by Robin Cross, pub.1987, Grub Street Press, Macmillan Publishing Co., 666 3rd Ave., N.Y., N.Y. 10022. ISBN 0-02-538930-6, 224 pages, ill. 8-3/4"w, 10-1/4"h, 1"t. hard cover, An illustrated story of offensive strategy and tactics in the 20th century. Formation flying and tactics, air battles illustrations.

p126-129, 131, 133, 135-140, 142, 152-153; w/ illus.
p. 152, Group Assembly diagram

The Mighty Eighth

by Roger A. Freeman. illus by John B Rabbets. pub.1970, Macdonald and Jame's Publishers, Ltd., London. Later pub.1989 by Arms and Armour Press, Artillery House, Artillery Row, London, SW1P 1RT, U.K.; Also pub.1989. (USA), Orion Books, a div. of Crown Publishers, Inc., 201 E.50th St., N.Y. 10022. ISBN 0-517-57691-0. 311 pages, ill. oversize hard cover, 9"w, 11"h, 1-1/8"t. History of the 8th USAAF, units, markings and statistics.

401BG related:
p110 Wing/Group Assignments,
p154-155 Units (list) & UK Locations (map);
p256 401BG summary;
p284-285 401BG markings (late, in-color).

The Mighty Eighth in Color

Roger A. Freeman, 1992, publ. Specialty Press, PO Box 338; 123 N. Second St.; Stillwater, Minn., 55082. 160 pages, Ill., 9"w, 11-1/8"h, 7/8"w; hard cover.

p37, 401BG, photo, 615Aq. 'pathfinder' A/C.
[Larkspur Library), 940.5449]

Time Magazine

Oct. 16, 1944 edition, p.28 World Battle Fronts article. Included: "When the sun came out last week, Allied air power delivered the heaviest blows of the whole war against strategic targets, dropping 30,000 tons of bombs in three thunderous days on oil plants, on factories making airplane engines, tanks, trucks, locomotives and on communication centers."

The Mighty Eighth War Diary

by Roger A Freeman, with Alan Crouchman and Vic Maslen. pub.1981, MacDonald and Jane's Pub. ISBN?, [pages?], ill. [size?] oversize hard cover. Summaries of all raids by date, including tabular & narrative for the 8th USAAF.

p360, 6/7 October 1944,
p361-362 7 October 1944

U.S. Army Cloth Insignia, 1941 to the Present: an illustrated reference guide for collectors

by Brian L. Davis. pub.1987 Arms and Armour Press Ltd., Link House West St., Poole; Dorset, BH15 1LL; Sterling Publishing Co.; 2 Park Ave., N.Y., N.Y., 10016. ISBN 0853688508 70 pages; ill; 5-1/2"w, 8-3/4"h, 3/8"t; hard cover.

dust cover U.S. Army Uniforms of WWII

by Shelby Stanton. pub.1991 by Stackpole Books, Cameron and Kelker Streets, P.O. Box 1831, Harrisburg, P., 17105. ISBN 0-8117-1858-1, LOC 91-13066. 279p; ill; 7-1/2"w, 9-1/2"h, 3/4"t. hard cover.

Postcard of St. Mary the Virgin at Weldon

Windows of St. Mary the Virgin, Weldon

The original three vertical 401BG panels are now the center of the St.Mary Weldon west stained glass window. The U.S. flag, left, was presented by the 401BG Aug.15, 1944 and flown above Peterborough Cathedral,

Claims to Fame - The B-17 Flying Fortress

Claims to Fame - The B-17 Flying Fortress by Steve Birdsall and Roger A. Freeman; pub.1994 Arms and Armour Press; Villiers House, 41-47 Strand; London, WC2N 5Je. USA distribution, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.; 387 Park Ave. South; N.Y., N.Y., 10016-8810. ISBN 1-85409-247-2; 224 pages, Ill., 6-1/2"w, 9-1/2"h, 1"t, hardback.

p.186-187, 613Sq., Mary Alice story;
p.182, 184, 197, 615Sq.
p.183, 185, 204, 401BG.

Birds of a Feather

a Memoir by Harold W. Bowman (1994)

Time Out for War

by Ed C. Cury (Rainbow Press, 1988) ISBN: 0425126579)

Return from Berlin

A Memoir by Robert Grilley

Teen-age Air Warrior

by S/Sgt Eugene Hall

Rush to Glory

by Robert L. Hecker (Crossroads Publishing, 2001)

Roar of the Tiger

by James H. Howard (Orion Books NY, 1991)

Fated to Survive

by Bill Maher (Honoribus Press, Spartanburg, SC, 1992)

Vacation with Pay

by Alan Newcomb (Destiny Publisher, Haverhill, Mass, 1947)

Corby: A Pictorial History

by Ron Sismey (Phillimire & Co., Chichester, Sussex, UK 1993)

Hungry Eyes and Dirty Feet

by Alvie Smith (Cushing Malloy Inc, 1996)

Return from Berlin

by Robert Grilley.