401st BG Album - Leaders

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Major Baldwin, from his position in the control tower, was responsible for control of all aircraft flying into and out of the 401st base at Deenethorpe. Major Baldwin was widely known as "Sylvester", the call sign for the base. Following the war Major Baldwin pursued a very successful business career in London, where he regularly welcomed returning members of the Group.
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"Pop" Fry, as he was universally known (he was in his thirties) was Group Intelligence Officer. His duties included identifying known German flak zones and fighter concentrations and debriefing crews upon their return from missions.
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Father Burke, the Roman Catholic chaplain of the 401st, was widely liked and admired. He regularly attempted to curb the more outrageous profanity that occurred and urged conduct consistent with the family values of his charges.
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Chaplain Fellows joined the 401st at Great Falls and served as Protestant chaplain throughout the Group's tour in Europe. He enjoyed a successful ministerial career after the war and was a regular attendant at Group reunions until his death in 2000.
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(L to R): Lt Colonel Allison C. Brooks, Group Operations Officer; Lt Colonel "Ted" Brown, Air Executive; Colonel Harold W. Bowman, 401st Commanding Officer.
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Colonel Voorhees served as Air Executive Officer from February until June, 1944, when he was assigned to the 94th Wing. He flew as Group Lead on six missions.
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Jim Egan was Group Navigator for much of the Group's tour in the U.K. As such he flew a number of Group leads and led the training of new navigators assigned to the Group.
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Lt. Colonel Carl C. Hinkle, Commanding Officer, 614th Bomb Squadron.
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Art Seder, who held the position of Assistant Group Operations Officer of the 401st Bombardment Group with the rank of Major at the end of World War II, practiced law and became a corporate executive following the war. After finishing law school and serving a clerkship for Chief Justice Vinson of the United States Supreme Court, he entered private practice in Chicago. He subsequently became General Counsel of American Natural Resources Company, a diversified natural gas pipeline and distribution company with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. In 1973 he became President of the company, and from 1976 until his retirement in 1985 he served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

In addition to a number of civic positions in Detroit, Seder served on the boards of directors of NBD Bank, Unisys Corp. and Kimberly Clark, Inc. He was elected Vice President of the 401st Bombardment Group Association in 1994 and was elected President in 2002.

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BG General H.W.Bowman Commander 62nd Troop Carrier Wing Larson AFB Washington. Time period unknown. But after departing Deenethorpe and assignment to DC.
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Group Bombardier Julian Pickoff.