Stevenson, James A. - 2nd Lt

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2nd Lt James A. Stevenson flew 2 missions, from 05/23/1944, mission #73, to 05/24/1944, mission #74. He served as a Bombardier.

2nd Lt Stevenson served with the following crewman: Sgt Marvin L. Carroway, Sgt Jack R. Culliton, Sgt Heath N. Liddle, S/Sgt William G. Nunn, S/Sgt Richard H. O'Bannon Jr., 2nd Lt Seymour Ringle, 2nd Lt Horace H. Skelton, 2nd Lt John S. Whiteman and Sgt Orlando J. Yemma

Recorded Missions

105/23/1944 Bayon (#73) (Unknown) John S. Whiteman Crew #1
205/24/1944 Berlin (#74) 42-31619 That Sweet Thing John S. Whiteman Crew #1