Nunn, William G. - S/Sgt

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S/Sgt William G. Nunn flew 2 missions, from 05/23/1944, mission #73, to 05/24/1944, mission #74. He served as a Radio Operator.

S/Sgt Nunn served with the following crewman: Sgt Marvin L. Carroway, Sgt Jack R. Culliton, Sgt Heath N. Liddle, S/Sgt Richard H. O'Bannon Jr., 2nd Lt Seymour Ringle, 2nd Lt Horace H. Skelton, 2nd Lt James A. Stevenson, 2nd Lt John S. Whiteman and Sgt Orlando J. Yemma

Recorded Missions

105/23/1944 Bayon (#73) (Unknown) John S. Whiteman Crew #1
205/24/1944 Berlin (#74) 42-31619 That Sweet Thing John S. Whiteman Crew #1