2nd Lt Russell E. Schroeder Crew #1

2nd Lt. R.E. Schroeder

L to R, Richard Nyberg (Dick), Waist Gunner, Joe Owens, Ball Turret Gunner, Charles Avery (Chuck), Tail Gunner, Don Grimble, Waist Gunner.

No Crew Photo was ever taken of this crew. These crew members met in NY City on their way to Deenethorpe.
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2nd Lt Russell E. Schroeder Pilot KIA
2nd Lt William E. Mountain Copilot Evaded
2nd Lt Erroll R. Rice Navigator Evaded
Sgt Eugene V. Crawley Togglier Evaded
S/Sgt Charles M. Davis Radio Operator Evaded
S/Sgt William P. Bryant Engr / Top Turret Evaded
Sgt Joseph J. Owens Ball Turret Gunner Evaded
S/Sgt Charles E. Avery Tail Gunner Evaded
Sgt Donald W. Grimble Waist Gunner Evaded
Sgt Richard A. Nyberg Waist Gunner Evaded

Recorded Missions

106/12/1944 Vitry-en-Artois (#89) (Unknown)
206/14/1944 Le Bourget (#90) 42-37843 Dry Run