Avery, Charles E. - S/Sgt

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S/Sgt Charles E. Avery flew 2 missions, from 06/12/1944, mission #89, to 06/14/1944, mission #90. He served as a Tail Gunner.

S/Sgt Avery served with the following crewman: S/Sgt William P. Bryant, Sgt Eugene V. Crawley, S/Sgt Charles M. Davis, Sgt Donald W. Grimble, 2nd Lt William E. Mountain, Sgt Richard A. Nyberg, Sgt Joseph J. Owens, 2nd Lt Erroll R. Rice and 2nd Lt Russell E. Schroeder

Recorded Missions

106/12/1944 Vitry-en-Artois (#89) (Unknown) Russell E. Schroeder Crew #1
206/14/1944 Le Bourget (#90) 42-37843 Dry Run Russell E. Schroeder Crew #1