2nd Lt James C. Neill Crew #1

J. C. Neill
"Belle of the Barbary Coast"

Back row left to right: James C. Neill (pilot), Calvin J. McDougal (bombardier), Albert H. Roddy (navigator), Elbert L.Hammond (co-pilot)
Front row left to right: Reynold T. Fraker (tail gunner), George S. Moore (engineer), Mervin L. Roberts (radio operator), Merel E. Warner (waist gunner), George Schult (waist gunner), Harold J. Nichol (ball turret)
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2nd Lt James C. Neill Pilot POW
2nd Lt Elbert L. Hammond Copilot POW
2nd Lt Albert H. Roddy Navigator POW
2nd Lt John C. MacDougall Bombardier KIA
Cpl Frank J. Nebus Radio Operator POW
T/Sgt George H. Moore Engr / Top Turret POW
Sgt Harold J. Nicol Ball Turret Gunner POW
Sgt Reynold T. Fraker Tail Gunner KIA
Sgt Merle E. Warner Waist Gunner POW

Recorded Missions

106/02/1944 Equihen (#81) (Unknown)
206/03/1944 Neufchatel (#82) (Unknown)
306/04/1944 Massey/Palaiseau (#83) (Unknown)
406/06/1944 Ver-Sur-Mere (#84) (Unknown)
506/07/1944 Falaise (#86) (Unknown)
606/14/1944 Le Bourget (#90) (Unknown)
706/19/1944 Bordeaux (#93) (Unknown)
806/22/1944 Frevent (#97) (Unknown)
906/23/1944 Fienvilliers (#98) (Unknown)
1006/24/1944 Belloy-Sur-Somme (#99) (Unknown)
1106/25/1944 Montbartier (#100) (Unknown)
1206/28/1944 Laon/Couvron (#101) (Unknown)
1307/07/1944 Leipzig (#105) 42-37981 Belle of the Barbary Coast