Capt Robert W. Beers Crew #1


Standing L to R: Capt. Robert Beers, Pilot; Howard Byrne, Co-Pilot
Front Row L to R: Unk' Unk; Unk; Unk; Clarence E. Young, TT/Eng; Franklin M. Grigg, Left Waist Gunner.
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Capt Robert W. Beers Pilot POW
1st Lt Howard E. Byrne Copilot POW
1st Lt Harold Gershon Navigator POW
1st Lt William L. Ritch Bombardier POW
S/Sgt Nunzio Paola Radio Operator KIA
T/Sgt Clarence E. Young Engr / Top Turret POW
S/Sgt Allen H. Craft Ball Turret Gunner KIA
S/Sgt John E. Turvy Tail Gunner KIA
S/Sgt Franklin M. Grigg Left Waist Gunner KIA
S/Sgt Kenneth J. Lynn Right Waist Gunner KIA

Recorded Missions

112/01/1943 Solingen (#2) 42-31193 Little Boots
212/05/1943 Paris (#3) 42-31193 Little Boots
312/30/1943 Ludwigshaven (#9) 42-31193 Little Boots
412/31/1943 Cognac (#10) 42-31193 Little Boots
501/07/1944 Ludwigshaven (#13) 42-37833 Omar the Dentmaker
601/11/1944 Oschersleben (#14) 42-31193 Little Boots
701/29/1944 Frankfurt (#17) 42-31193 Little Boots