2nd Lt Parker W. Finney Crew #1

Parker Finney
"Down 'n Go"

Standing (l to r) W. H. Snyder (Engineer), Burton V. Miller (Waist Gunner), William J. Duling (Tail Gunner), Golden B. Hill (Ball Turret Gunner), E. S. Smith (Radio Operator) and __ Campbell.
Kneeling (l to r) Brown A. Bralley (Togglier), Virgil W. Price (Co-Pilot), Parker W. Finney (Pilot), Dale E. Scott (Navigator)
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2nd Lt Parker W. Finney Pilot POW
Flt O Virgel W. Price Copilot POW
2nd Lt Dale E. Scott Navigator POW
S/Sgt Edward S. Smith Radio Operator KIA
S/Sgt Woodrow H. Snyder Engr / Top Turret KIA
S/Sgt Golden B. Hill Ball Turret Gunner KIA
S/Sgt William J. Duling Tail Gunner POW
S/Sgt Burton V. Miller Waist Gunner POW
S/Sgt Brown A. Bralley CTG POW

Recorded Missions

107/31/1944 Munich (#119) 42-102394 Down 'n Go
208/01/1944 Chartres (#120) 42-102394 Down 'n Go
308/03/1944 Strasbourg (#121) 42-102394 Down 'n Go
408/04/1944 Anklam (#122) 42-102394 Down 'n Go
508/09/1944 Luxembourg (#126) 42-97478 Shade Ruff II
608/13/1944 Elbeuf (#128) 42-102394 Down 'n Go
708/14/1944 Haggenau (#129) 42-107084 Betty's Revenge
808/24/1944 Weimar (#132) 42-102394 Down 'n Go