2nd Lt Otto P. Nagle Jr. Crew #1

Lt. Nagle

Standing L to Right: N.E. Smith,Eng/TT; Babcock,; G.W.Robbins, Radio Operator; G.T. Meyers,Ball Turret Gunner; Perkel,Waist Gunner; G.P. Matanic,Tail Gunner.

Front Row: O.P. Nagle, Pilot; M.O. Holland, Co-Pilot; Hodowski,Navigator; Walter J. Wolchik, Bombardier.

Babcock didn't come over with this crew.

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2nd Lt Otto P. Nagle Jr. Pilot POW
Flt O Martin O. Holland Copilot POW
2nd Lt Bernard R. Hodowski Navigator POW
2nd Lt Walter Wolchik Bombardier POW
T/Sgt Gene W. Robbins Radio Operator POW
T/Sgt Nelson E. Smith Engr / Top Turret POW
S/Sgt Gerald T. Meyer Ball Turret Gunner POW
S/Sgt George P. Matanic Tail Gunner POW
S/Sgt Max Perkel Waist Gunner POW

Recorded Missions

109/26/1944 Osnabruck (#148) 43-37628 Heavenly Body
209/27/1944 Cologne (#149) 42-102393 Diana Queen of the Chase
309/28/1944 Magdeburg (#150) 42-31087 Boche Buster
409/30/1944 Munster (#151) 43-37632 I. P.