42-39840 IN-A The Lopin Lobo

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Serial No: 42-39840
Model: B-17G-1-VE
Manufacturer: Lockheed/Vega Aircraft Corp., Burbank, CA
Delivered: 09/17/1943
Assigned: 10/13/1943
Lost: 06/06/1944
Mission Lost: N/A
How Lost: Reassigned to Another Unit
Notes: Transferred to the AFSC and used as a development and test aircraft.

Returned to the USA and assigned to the U.S. Navy from 20 November 1945.

Recorded Missions

112/01/1943 Solingen (#2) Charles F. Hess Crew #1
202/21/1944 Lippstadt (#25) Kenneth C. Wells Crew #1
304/26/1944 Brunswick (#57) Richard S. Barnett Crew #1