42-31033 IN-B Pee-Tey-Kuh

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Serial No: 42-31033
Model: B-17G-1-BO
Manufacturer: Boeing Aircraft Company, Seattle, WA
Delivered: 09/07/1943
Assigned: 10/26/1943
Lost: 01/11/1944
Mission Lost: Oschersleben (#14)
How Lost:
Notes: Shot down by enemy aircraft. An Original 401st BG aircraft and was named by the Blackfeet Pee-Tey-Kuh which is Lt. Leon Stann's name in their language.

Recorded Missions

101/04/1944 Kiel (#11) William F. Riegler Crew #1
201/05/1944 Tours (#12) Leon Stann Crew #1
301/11/1944 Oschersleben (#14) Stephen G. Nason Crew #1