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Kaufman, Richard H. - Capt

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Service during the War

Richard H. (Dick) Kaufman flew 31 missions between December 1943 and July 1944. (Add photo of mission list from 614th SQ)

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EMDEN (11 Dec 1943) Add crew photo, Stars and Stripes article. 6 men KIA/MIA, 2 POW

Include note requesting information about "lost" families

Roundtripper - Photo of feathered engine in air and on ground

Capt Richard H. Kaufman flew 26 missions, from 12/01/1943, mission #2, to 07/08/1944, mission #106. He served as a Pilot.

Recorded Missions

No Missions Found

Life before the War

Dick was born in Antigo,Wisconsin to Elmer John and Eleanora (Anderson) Kaufman. He attended college at the University of Wisconsin and learned to fly in the Civilian Pilot Training Program prior to WWII.


Barrel roll / loose seat pin story.

Life after the War

Upon his return to the US after his service with the 401st, Dick met and married Ardean (Dean) Zimpel of Butternut, Wisconsin. He served in the USAF for 28 years, retiring at the rank of Lt. Colonel in 1970. Grounded from flying status in 19XX after developing a heart murmur, Dick served the balance of his military career as a meteorologist. His career took him to several US bases, and included tours in Japan and England. He settled in Bellevue Nebraska, (near Offutt AFB), and pursued a career selling real estate after his military retirement.

Photos - Briefing Lemay, ... others

Dean died in 1978, and Dick never remarried. Children: Laurian (Laurie) Richard (Rick) "Saying Goodbye.." Photo

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