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Kaufman, Richard H. - Capt

Page discussion for Kaufman, Richard H. - Capt
Corrections to page.2015/04/04 03:57 by Administrator

I made a couple corrections to your page. First, it's clear you didn't follow my how to create a serviceman's page tutorial. No worries, you probably didn't see it and I still haven't made it obvious as to how to do this. If you had, your father's page would have been categorized as "Combat" and "Personnel". This makes it easier for me to group people together.

Fixed the problem with the mission list too. It was entered as 0227, which is actually how you're supposed to do it. I changed it to just 227 and it works fine. Will have to investigate why the "proper "method didn't work.

Final FYI. Your notes to yourself do not need to be visible. You can comment them out like this:
<!-- This is a comment and will not be visible to users -->

Hope that all makes sense. :)

Regards, Ed.

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