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McElvain, Wilbert H. - 1st Lt

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Service during the War

1st Lt Wilbert H. McElvain flew 36 missions, from 11/02/1944, mission #164, to 03/11/1945, mission #226. He served as a Copilot.

Recorded Missions

No Missions Found

Images of the War

Fountains Abbey
Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey was (and is probably) a popular tourist attraction in the UK.


This was taken the month Wilbert graduated from flight training. When he graduated he got his wings and Lieutenant's bars

On the way to Drymen for R&R.

612th Barracks
612th Barracks

Wilbert possibly in the 612th area.
To Deenethorpe
To Deenethorpe

Possibly on the way to Deenethorpe or on free time. Looks like a "Slick Chick" jacket. May have been escorting them
Taking a Picture
Taking a Picture

Wilbert on the left, Pilot Andy Bloescher on the right. Third person yet to be identified.
Club Royal
Club Royal

With the Bloetscher crew at the Club Royal in Atlanta just before shoving off to England.

Life after the War

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