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Jetter, Arthur C. - 1st Lt

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Service during the War

1st Lt Arther C. Jetter flew 35 missions, from 06/11/1944, mission #88, to 10/25/1944, mission #160. He served as a Pilot.

Recorded Missions

No Missions Found

Life before the War

The youngest of nine children, Arthur C Jetter was born and raised in Omaha Nebraska. He had two brothers and six sisters. His father, John Martin Jetter owned Jetter Brewing Company in South Omaha, Nebraska. Arthur was a member of the Omaha Central High School Crack Rifle Squad which performed precision drill. He attended two years of college at Omaha University and enlisted in the Army Air Corps on his 21st birthday.

Life after the War

After his 35 mission tour in Europe as a B-17 pilot, he volunteered to fly patrol bomber seaplanes in the Pacific Theater. He went to PBY School in Corpus Christi, Texas. The war ended as he completed PBY training. He left the Army Air Corps as a First Lieutenant and finished college at the University of Nebraska with a degree in Business. He married Virginia Turner during his last year in college. Together they had six sons. He worked his way to the top sales management position at Federal Chemical Company. In 1967, he started a new career as a stock broker at Piper Jaffray and Hopwood and became a Vice President. Later, he moved to R. W. Baird to work with his son Fred, Baird's Branch Manager in Omaha.

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