401st Bomb Group(H) and Squadron Histories

The following Group and Squadron histories were researched and written by Vic Maslen of the 401st Bomb Group Historical Society (UK).   They are based on many years of research and served as the original source for much of the crew and mission data presented on this website.   The documents are in PDF format, and are SEARCHABLE using the "Find" function available in Adobe Acrobat viewers.

These documents were available to only a select few individuals, (including the 401st Group Historian), until they were made avaialable to the public on this website in 2011.   They include crew rosters, mission information, first hand accounts, and a wealth of other information.   The 401st Bomb Group's veterans, their families, and our association owe Vic a debt of gratitude for his outstanding work.

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401st Bombardment Group (H) History
612th Squadron History

613th Squadron History

614th Squadron History

615th Squadron History

About the Author: Vic Maslen

Selwyn Victor (Vic) Maslen was born in 1922 at Trethomas, Wales.   Vic volunteered for the RAF in WWII, but was refused because he was working in a 'reserved occupation', (unloading ships), which was considered a war priority job.   He managed to join the RAF in 1945 and was trained as a radar mechanic.   He was stationed at RAF Honington in Suffolk.

Vic married his wife Maureen in 1949 and became interested in a local WWII airbase near their home in Corby.   The airbase at Deenethorpe was the home of the 401st Bomb Group.   His subsequent commitment to the 401st Bomb Group's history was most remarkable.

Vic and Maureen visited the USA in 1977 and met General Hal Bowman, (the 401st's first air base commander).   During their visit they stayed at the Bowman's home.   Vic and Hal discussed the group's history.   These discussions were the spark that led Hal to obtain microfilms of the 401st Bomb Group's history and provide them to Vic.

Vic was in touch with many veterans and gained more information.   He decided to translate all of this information into readable squadron histories, including the 'Control Tower Log' from day one until the end of the war.   This was a mammoth undertaking and took years to complete. Vic and Maureen attended several reunions in the USA, and Vic was one of the prime instigators who arranged for the 401st Bomb Group memorials which were dedicated in 1989.

Sadly, Vic was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died in 1991.   A service was held in Weldon church, and it was filled to capacity.   Many tributes were received and beautiful wreaths decorated the 401st Bomb Group memorial at Deenethorpe in Vic's honor.

Bio submitted by Maureen Maslen

Vic Maslen
at Deenethorpe control tower

Photo courtesy of Maureen Maslen