Article Re: Sgt Golden Hill

By: Jack Reid
On: 06/22/2003
While perusing an old issue of FlyPast, I found a story of a 401st ball gunner, Sgt Golden Hill, who was KIA on
'Down-n-Go' during Mission 132 to Weimar - the author did some extensive research and there were several other aircraft on the mission that day identified by pilot and serial # that may be useful in updating some of the info on the site - 613th Sqdn, Frank Carlson - Homesick Angel, 42-31591; 613th Sqdn, Chester Kuta - Madame Queen, 42-97931; 615th Sqdn, Robert Callaway, Mary Alice; 613th Sqdn, W. Shackleford - Miss B Haven, 42-31863 (aborted). If anyone is interested, e-mail me and I'll scan the 4 pages and send them

Re: Article Re: Sgt Golden Hill

By: Scott McElvain
On: 06/23/2003
While the serial numbers of the other planes are known, it is nice to have verification of Miss B Haven's serial number.  Thanks!

Re: Article Re: Sgt Golden Hill

By: Donald Byers
On: 06/23/2003
Thanks for the info you passed it is always good to have people put info on this page.

Three B-17's went down on that mission.  My uncle was KIA on this mission of 24 Aug 1944 on 42-97344 "Carrie B II" 2 KIA 7 POW's.  Also Jill's Jalopy 43-37511 and Down' n Go.

Miss B Haven is identified in the 401st Book "The Best Damn Outfit in the USAAF"

Thanks again for putting info on this Forum.

Don Byers
Lubbock Texas

Re: Article Re: Sgt Golden Hill

By: vincent verhaeghe
On: 06/06/2010
hi Jack,

I'm frenchspeaker sorry for my bad english. Can you send me the scan about Golden Hill, one of my friend adopted his grave in the Ardennes american cemetery in Belgium.

my adress :
thank you,