Heavy Date update

By: Hans Shull
On: 05/28/2003
Just letting all know that the model of Heavy Date is coming along well. I tried to email LA and George about it, but never got an answer. Hope they see this and get in touch.

Website is http://hoverhans.8m.com


Re: Heavy Date update

By: L.A.Mitchell
On: 06/03/2003
Hans, I' sorry you did not receive my answer to your E-mail..,I sent answer back,....undeliverable. The gist ..I wasn't able to give you an answer re the yellow color as I left the base for USA just before the stripe ws painted, so never saw a B-17 with the original color. I did look up a color chart and lemon chrome seemed to be as close as you can get. Also sent copy of your E-mail to George Menzel in event there arose a problem that you may help solve. Our reunions today are being arranged by Armed Forces Reunions and they negotiae hotel rates, ,tours,etc..