B-17 # 42-39820 Also Ran-Still Running

By: Fred Corley
On: 05/23/2003
My uncle T/Sgt Jesse C. Corley was the engineer on this aircraft. I am interested in fiunduing ou some of the details on this crew, missions flown, and personal experiences. He is still living, but he is starting to get feeble.

Re: B-17 # 42-39820 Also Ran-Still Running

By: l,a.mitcell
On: 05/23/2003
Fred,there ae tw members of the Samuel Wilson crew that are membe of our Association.Suggest that you contact them for more info. They are John J. Daly at 3065 Five Iron Drive   Port St. Lucie,FL 34952  Telephone (772)573-0765... and John E. Morrissey at
264 West 360 North   Salem,UT 84653  Telephone (801)
Send me your US mail adress and I will sendyou list of missions flown,tagets,dates,etc.
I also have sent to your uncle an application for joining our Association. I know hewill be interested in the quarterly News Letter...the POOP FROM Group.
Signed L.A.Mitchell  Apt/163   13106 Kellam Ct. San

Re: B-17 # 42-39820 Also Ran-Still Running

By: Bob Wilson
On: 06/17/2003
My father, Sam Wilson was the pilot of the subject aircraft. He died a few years ago. I would enjoy hearing from you. Jesse contacted me some years ago. I have misplaced his phone number. At that time he was planning to attend a reunion for Stalag 17 members in Tampa, Florida.I am glad he is still with us. Please tell him I said hello. Also let him know John Daly is living in Florida. His email address is dalynip@bellsouth.net.

I look forward to hearing from you. My business number is 1-800-984-4609 Ext 202. Please feel free to
contact me.

Thank you

Bob Wilson
Son of Lt Samuel P. Wilson