Memorial Day 2003

By: Mike Reiner
On: 05/23/2003
As we enter this Memorial Day weekend, I just wanted to say to all you veterans out there-Thank You for the sacrifices you made so long ago for all of us.

When I go to visit my Dad this weekend and place a flag on his grave I remember him and all others who have gone forever aloft-we'll continue to honor your memory and the sacrifices that you made to make this such a great country. God Bless them all!

Ditto !!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Donald Byers
On: 05/24/2003
We could not enjoy the freedom we have today if there were not the people deep seated feelings in the right of Freedom.  Those that are now currently serving and those who have now left the military service.  WWII has been todate the most testing of our will to protect freedom for us and our allies.

As a retired NCO I give my gratatude to those that served in WWII and other conflicts.

Donald Byers
Lubbock Texas