401st BG Convention 2004

By: Jeff Aiken
On: 05/16/2003
I intend to be in Boston August 18, 2004 for the 401st BG Convention.  Considering the Democratic National Convention will be in Boston next year, beginning July 26, 2004, the city should be in great shape with all the new facilities and venues when we arrive.  I look forward to attending my first 401st Convention and am trying to twist my mother's arm to get her to attend as well.  

By the way, AMTRAK is offering discounts off fares for seniors, veterans, and has special two-for-one fares.  Considering the discounts you Vets over 60 are eligible for, AMTRAK it’s almost paying you to ride.   If we come, we will be riding the train to see more of this country worth fighting for.