Lt. A.J.Nelson crew, 613SQ, KIA 10-7-44 & Memorial Day 2003

By: Win Bryson
On: 05/13/2003
I am interested in locating and communicating with relatives of this crew. My Uncle, Sgt. (John) Tom Dorris was the Radioman, also lost with the crew on Mission 154, Politz.  

Most A. J. Nelson crew members are buried together at Zachary Taylor Nat'l. Cemetery, Louisville Ky.  I will be there May 26, this Memorial Day, for ceremonies. I was last there for their 2-9-50 original interment and service.

Although this posting is virtually too late for any responses before I leave for the East, I'd certainly like to hear from this crew's relatives, or others knowing of their relatives, so I can "connect" after I return.

I would also like to hear from other 613SQ. members who my have known Tom or have (or may know of) crew photos or A/C photos.  [None are identified in the Bluebook].  The only photo of their aircraft ("IN-C", "Son of a Blitz", 42-31081) I've found to-date is in the National Archives II still photo #65611A.C. This photo is a collage of small-size photos captioned "The men who keep 'em flying 401st Bomb Group". (A small photo shows the tail of "IN-C" with its serial number - a maintenance man is sitting on the leading edge). [I thought this photo was in th Bluebook, but looking through my "reprint", I can't find it].

Crew photo: 1st Lt. A. J. Nelson crew, "crew B-50", 613SQ.

By: Win Bryson
On: 06/02/2003
1. Memorial Day:  On a generally rainy holiday week-end, the sun shown very beautifully for ceremonies at the Zackary Taylor National Cemetery.

2. Crew Photo:  Who, with the 401BG, would be most likely to be able to check if Group records include a photo of this crew (by name or number). I believe the Bluebook does not have a photo (identified or included).  Any photo would have to be dated (if so logged) between 7-24-44 and 10-7-44.


Re: Lt. A.J.Nelson crew, 613SQ, KIA 10-7-44 & Memorial Day 2003

By: Dave Edkins
On: 03/12/2005
Hello Win,
Did you ever locate a photo of Lt. Nelson's crew? I am also trying to locate a picture of his crew. I am interested in finding out more about his engineer/top turret gunner, T/Sgt L.E. Williams, who was also KIA at Politz.  I am not a relative of his, but have been doing historical research about him. I doubt if he still has living relatives, since he was not married and his parents are probably deceased. I was about to enter an inquiry about this crew photo when I read your inquiry. Hope you had some luck getting more information.