Ssgt. Raymond Krall

By: Luke Smigielski
On: 05/11/2003
My uncle ray reciently told me that he was i think it was the 401 so if anybody remembers him or knows anything about him please email me. he was a tail gunner

Re: Ssgt. Raymond Krall

By: Scott C. McElvain
On: 05/13/2003
Quickly looked through the crew lists I have and didn't spot a Krall, but I might have missed it.  There was also a 401st Bomb Squadron in another group.  If your Uncle can remember his pilot, that would help.  You can go through the crew lists on this website.

Re: Ssgt. Raymond Krall

By: Donald Byers
On: 05/14/2003
I have also scanned the squadrons and pretty good of picking up names.  I also found no listing of a Krall in any of the squadrons.

Don Byers