Wonderful web site

By: Bill Whitlow
On: 04/26/2003
I just wanted to thank you folks not only for what you did during the war, but for this terrific web site.
Years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Charles (Chuck) Stode, former bombarder on Command Performance.  He told me his story, which was really  interesting, as it relates to the number 13.  He told me of flying in the 613th Squaden, in a plane who's serial number ended in "508" (which adds up to 13.)  On his 13th mission, the second Schweinfurt raid on 13 April 1944, they got shot down.  The story goes on, and there are 13 coincidences of 13 in the whole thing!
Being a model builder, I made Chuck a model of his plane (as well as one for me!) which my son now has displayed proudly.
Thanks again for a terrific resource!