Toby Mug in Twelve O'Clock High

By: Scott McElvain
On: 04/23/2003
In a precious posting I mentioned how a company put out reproductions of the Toby Mug and that the original from the movie disappeared.........
I called the company, "Air Corps Classics" (661)391-9620, and they continue to take orders for the open edition.  The limited edition sold out not long after being offered in 1993. I got number 443 and they were going to look to see who got 401 - probably a fellow member of the Association.  They will probably be starting the next run by September at a cost of $140 a piece.
As or the original from the movie, Pete at Air Corps Classics found out that one had been given to Gen Frank Armstrong, commander of the 306th on which the fictitious 918th in the movie is based. It was handed down in the family until it got to a niece from whom whom it was stolen.

Pete is the son of a B-17 crewmember from a group that doesn't have near the amount of info available that the 401st does.