Crew of A. Kuta, 613th Bomb Squadron, "Madame Queen"

By: Steve Greenberg
On: 04/20/2003
My father in-law, S/Sgt. John Pear,  flew 27 missions on the Madame Queen, with the crew of A. Kuta, 613th Bomb Squadron. He was wondering if anyone knew the where-abouts of 2 of his crew: Engr/Top Turret T/Sgt R.L.Greenleaf and Tail Gunner S/Sgt C.Hunt. He has not heard from them in many years. If anyone happens to know please e mail me so I can pass the information on to my father in-law.
Steve Greenberg

Re: Crew of A. Kuta, 613th Bomb Squadron, "Madame Queen"

By: l.a.mitchell
On: 04/23/2003
  Steve,Ihave located an R.L. Greenleaf on internet at 8141 Shore Driv  Norfolk,VA 23518  (757)583-5511.Do not know for sure if he was in 401st BG.Bt try .Send Hunts full name /home town for a search.
Joe Chartier of Ocala,Fl and Bob nocholson ofYubaCity,CA are members of the 401st Bomb Group Association that began way back in 1974, Over 1200 vetera 401sters are members. Tell Joe Pear that he is WELCOME to be a member. You Too. On thi web site under MEMBERSHIP scroll to the applications.If JoePear does not have addresses andphone numbers of Chartier and nicholson.
  E-mail me and I will send.Thank you. L.A.Mitchell