Alert signal?

By: Bob Carson
On: 03/27/2003
One group I've read about indicated the following day would bring a mission, a stand down, or a possible mission by displaying different color flags.

In the "12 O'Clock High" film, a mission was indicated by turning the stein in the club around.

What did the 401st do?

Thanks. :)

Bob Carson

Stein used to alert crews to missions in 12 O'Clock High

By: Scott McElvain
On: 03/28/2003
As a side note, in 12 O'Clock High, the stein on the mantle of the fireplace used to alert the crews to missions disappeared after the movie.  Back in the  early '90s, a company made replicas based on original movie stills in a collectible series and as an unlimited run.  I got one of the collectibles.  All I need is a mantle to put it on........