A B-17 and a C-47 tagged along back to England  

By: Erik Dyreborg
On: 03/04/2003

I have a photo which I cannot show here. It's a flying B-17 from 613th BS, and there is a nice little story from the owner of the photo:
The photo is a scan of a Kodachrome slide taken by my father, Capt. Charles W. Harrington, from the pilot's seat of his C-47 'Skytrain'. I'm not certain of the photograph's date, but it was in the time period you state, as he 'drove C-47s for the Army' (his words) from a little before D-Day through the end of the war. I think it may be from late in that time frame, and even possibly a little after VE Day, but my father is no longer here to ask... It was taken 'over Europe'. He said that on this day, they had met up with a lone B-17 returning to England, so they tagged along.

It's def. a B-17 from the 613th BS - (IN-P)

Who was actually flying that B-17 which made the trip back to England together with a C-47 ??? Any information is welcome. Best regards Erik