Aromatic fuels

By: Hans Shull
On: 02/27/2003
I was just making up some decals for my model B-17 and on the markings under the navigators window there is a referance to aromatic fuels.

Says fuel system sutible for aromatic fuels

Just wondered what that means.

Re: Aromatic fuels

By: Bob Carson
On: 02/28/2003
Here's a site with a rather technical answer to your question :

Take care,
Bob Carson

Re: Aromatic fuels

By: E Logan
On: 06/15/2003
Aromatic fuels, I believe,were fuel octane rating. The b17 engine was a Wright Cyclone cyl engine R1820 -62 rated @ 1250 hp.And it could take any octane rating without damaging the fuel lines, rubber fuel tanks,seals,etc.
Ed Logan 612th mech