By: Bob Carson
On: 02/26/2003
I have a few seemingly random questions. :)

How many crews/men were in each officer's hut?

What sort of "indoctrination" would a replacement pilot go through on base? How long would that last?

Was the diagonal yellow visibility stripe always on the tail, or when was it added?

Approximately when did the first natural-finish ship arrive
at the group?

Which site was 613 Squadron located at? I believe it was four or five?


Bob Carson

Re: Deenethorpe

By: Steve Siviter
On: 03/15/2003
Hi Bob;
I can help you with at least one of your questions, namely your query regarding when the first natural metal aircraft arrived at Deenethorpe.
The first n/m aircraft arrived during the afternoon of Thursday 23rd of March 1944. The aircraft arrived at Deenethorpe after a cross country flight from the Base Air Depot at Burtonwood. Each of the new aircraft were produced by Douglas at their Santa Monica plant. The serial numbers and their subsequent identities are as follows;
B17G-35-DL 42-107009 IN-F "LADY JANE"  613th BS
B17G-35-DL 42-107039 SC-M "ICE COLD KATY"  612th BS
B17G-35-DL 42-107043 IN-B "FITCH'S BANDWAGON" 613th
B17G-35-DL 42-107092 IY-E "UMBIAGO" 615th BS
One of these aircraft is of particular interest to me as I am currently finishing off a book about the history of "Ice Cold Katy", a day by day combat diary of this B17.
Interested to hear if you get any response to your other questions...I too would like to know how replacment pilots and crews were indoctrinated into the group upon arrival at Deenethorpe...
Hope this mail is of some help to you, please mail me if I can be of any further assistance.
Best wishes;
United Kingdom.

Re: Deenethorpe - 613SQ living area location

By: Win Bryson
On: 07/29/2003
I can answer where the 613SQ living area was, but also have a question about it:

1. On some maps, the 613SQ. living area is shown as "Site-4", but on other maps as "Site-9".  But geographically, they're in the same place - directly south of the airfield, about 1/2-mile.

2. "Map-wise", from the road that runs "east-west" (between Kettering and Upper Benefield) along the south of the airfield, the road to the 613SQ living area "takes-off" south, across from the airfield.  It runs directly south across a little valley and dead-ends about 1/2-mile at the 613SQ living area. [On some maps the Yokehill Farm is shown and identified, and is next to the 613SQ living area.

3. Note:  Where this road (to the 613SQ living area) meets the "east-west" road (between Kettering and Upper Benefield), is the 401BG memorial, on the airfield side of the road.

4. Question: Today, the 613SQ living area buildings that remain are "pre-fab" - square concrete boxes. Can any 401BG/613SQ vet remember if the buildings there, during WWII, for the 613SQ were the "round" nissen type quansets [or these pre-fabs]?