Associate member thanks you

By: Jack "Dick" Lippert
On: 07/16/2001
When my mother visited western NY in May she brought along a copy of "Poop from Group."  I noticed the invitation for family members to become associate members and took advantage of the opportunity.

Thanks to the board for expanding the opportunitity to share our heritage with our fathers and other close relatives.  It was an idea whose time had come!

Dad died in 1986.  He was never one to tell war stories until I cornered him one day when I was in Air Force ROTC in college.  He kept a bomb tag from every mission with notations on the reverse side highlighting experiences from each.  That was the first time I realized that the fate of the U.S. was in numerous individuals barely old enough to shave.  Dad was the "Old Man" of the crew he piloted.  Most were 19-21 years old.

Thanks again for expanding your membership.

A grateful son of a B-17 pilot.

Re: Associate member thanks you

By: KC Cribb
On: 08/12/2001
Hey "Tree" ! Its KC, Kays son. How are you? I was just doing some research, trying to find color schemes and the like to build a model of Jills Jalopy. Have been talking with Joe via email and he has helped me out alot. Have you saw the pic I gave Chuck for Christmas? I've been looking for a pic of Jills Jalopy but no luck yet. Theres got to be one somewhere!!! Talk to ya later, KC

Re:  Jill's  Jalopy  Picture

By: Joe La Grasta
On: 09/24/2007
Hi Kc=== This the tail gunner on Jill's Jalopy and Jack Lippert was my Pilot.  I am sure I am the only one who has a custom made model of our B-17.  I had it made over seas about $200.00 many years ago. It is a replica and accurate in every way.  I have pictures I have taken of it.  I am sure no full B&W picture was ever taken on our base. Joe La Grasta