By: Pete Minix
On: 01/26/2003
Hello my name is Pete age 49 former Marine. I am somewhat of a WW2 buff, I enjoy e-mailing and talking to Veterans who served in WWII whether on land, air, or sea. I usually like to find out what you did, what rank you had, length of service, and what battles you fought in. I then try to find this information that I can download from the internet or I offer to pay for a few picture that you can get copy, I also try to get at least one picture of yourself and ask if you would sign it for me. I also will send you a SASE if that will help you out. I E-mail veterans from all nations that fought in WW2. This is strictly a hobby; I do not sell or publish to make a profit on anyone’s name. This is my way of having my own library on WW2 veterans and my tribute to those men, because we lose so many WW2 veterans every day all this history goes with them. To me, that is the only way to try to learn and understand an era that occurred long before I was even born.  I feel very fortunate that men like you are still living today to relate these stories to me. If this is ok with you please e-mail me back. I would appreciate it. You guys are the men that I look up to as heroes.

Here’s something about me: I was born in San Francisco 1953. I have lived in California all of my life. I graduated from High School in 1972 and I joined the Marine Corps, stayed in for 5 years and became a sergeant. I was in the infantry O331 (M 60 machine gunner) or better known as a super grunt. After I got out, I went into the Army National Guard and was in the medical battalion for three years. After the service I went into the medical field in 1980. My first nine years were working the streets of East Los Angeles or better known as The Gun and Knife Club. I spent two years working in the trauma center in the emergency room. In 1989 my family and I moved out to the desert (Indio, near Palm Springs). From there I went to work for Eisenhower Medical Center also in the emergency room for the last 11 years. I spent five years as a volunteer fire fighter for the county of Riverside. Where I become a State Firefighter 1. My wife also works at Eisenhower for a private doctor. My wife and I have been married almost 23 years. I have a 17-year old daughter who is in her last year of High School and a 14- year old son who is in his first year of High School. As of April of this year after nearly 22 years of medical work.  I quit and went back to school full time to earn a second degree but I am not sure what that degree will be. A few of my hobbies other than e-mailing and writing WW 2 veterans, I build model ships all from WW 2 period and nations. At last count I had at least 70 finished with at least 10 that I have not yet started. I have my own small library of military books mostly references now you know a little bit about me.


By: dale gregory
On: 07/14/2003
you can contact me most any time as i am retired and at home every day wolfspirit