By: BAUMANN Patrick
On: 01/06/2003
I search informations an contact an crew members of B 17
42-97953 schot down the 13 July 1944 in Herbsheim ( S. of Strasbourg F)


By: Donald Byers
On: 01/06/2003
You can look at the whole mission info if you go to the History section of the web page and click on mission 109 Munic.

Don Byers

Mission Summary:
This was the third successive mission to Munich, and again the 8th Air Force launched nearly 1,000 bombers over the target, escorted by 600 fighters.
The 401st provided the Low Box of the 94th Combat Wing. Once again the target was completely covered by clouds, so bombing was once again conducted by PFF (radar). Results could not be observed.
The Group encountered 15 to 20 enemy fighters over Strassborg, and the B-17 flown by Lt. Walter J. Otton and his crew (42-97953) was shot down, and three other aircraft were damaged. In the attack, Sgt. Edward L. Page, tail gunner on Lt. H. E. Haskett's crew, was killed. It was reported that, even though severely wounded, he stuck to his post and brought down an FW-190 before he expired. For his bravery, Sgt. Page was awarded the Silver Star posthumously. Flak over the target was moderate to intense and more accurate than on the previous missions. As a result, eleven 401st aircraft suffered battle damage.