Lt. Raymond K. Haines

By: Barbara Halverson
On: 01/03/2003
KIA 5/7/44  My father was the pilot on the plane Haines was on when he died.  I just received a 1945 article from a French newspaper about the crash.  I have been looking for Haines family for 38 years and looking now to send the article to them.  lt. Kenneth V. Halverson was the pilot, Lt. Reeves K. Gauthier was co-pilot, and S/Sgt Robert Campbell was also on the plane with Haines.  If anyone knew them please reply.  

Re: Lt. Raymond K. Haines

By: Scott McElvain
On: 01/11/2003
The Air Force Museum Research Division, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, has a photo of this airplane -  File J4 US/AC B-17/Pho #297.