615 squadron

By: Frédéric HALLOUIN
On: 12/29/2002
I look for serial numbers of the machine gun of the B17 4239873 Stormy Weather of the 401BG 615BS that collapsed to Chartres France the 01 08 1944.  
I possessed the MACR but that doesn't include these serial numbers.  
While falling it touched the B17 4357859.  
I look for information on these two planes.

Merci d'avance

Re: 615 squadron

By: Jack Reid
On: 01/02/2003
42-39873 (IY-Q) "Stormy Weather" was a Lockheed built original 401st a/c that was apparently lost on Mission 120 to Chartres after a mid air collision with Boeing built "Jeanne" (IY-D) 43-37859 (not 43-57859) - the reference info on the site lists 6 documented missions for "Stormy Weather" - the last with 1st Lt G.L. Melofchik and crew; only 1 mission for "Jeanne" with 2nd Lt R.B. Sproul and crew - all listed as MIA - Hope this can be of some help
Bon Chance

Re: 615 squadron

By: Scott McElvain
On: 01/11/2003
There is a negative (#A65531AC) of 4239873 held by the National Archives.  They don't have one of the other plane.  For information on getting copies, see page three of the forum under "Getting photos from the National Archives...."

Re: 615 squadron

By: "GI" Blumenthal
On: 01/24/2003
Hi Scott,

Nice job, old buddy.

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Re: 615 squadron

By: Ben Mallon
On: 03/21/2004
My dad, Richard William Mallon, flew Stormy Weather as co-pilot.  He said he heard that the aircraft was lost because it flew into the wake turbulence of another aircraft (they called it 'prop wash' at that time) and the crew didn't react quickly enough.  He said that it takes full opposite rudder and aileron, and you have to hold it for a little bit, to escape from that situation.