Where is Coubronne?(Mission 137, Crossbow)

By: Scott Regnault
On: 12/02/2002
I have a friend who was flying with 35 Squadron (RCAF) out of Graveley when he was shot down after bombing a V1 site at "Coubrounne, France" on June 23/34, 1944, but he has been unable to find any such place on a map.  I notice that 401st Bomb Group bombed "Coubronne" on August 30, 1944(mission #137).  If you have any information about how I can locate Coubronne on a map, or maybe the preflight navigational briefing, it would be most appreciated!

Re: Where is Coubronne?(Mission 137, Crossbow)

By: Donald Byers
On: 12/02/2002
I also have had a hard time trying finding this place to answer your question, but I bet in may be in this area.  Go to the following URL.


Don Byers
Lubbock Texas

Coubronne is a hamlet of Ecques, France

By: Joss
On: 12/27/2002

Coubronne is a hamlet of the village of Ecques, south of St Omer, east of Thérouanne, Pas-de-Calais département in France. If you have a map of northern France (like the old Michelin N° 51) you'll find it quite easily. There was another V1 site in the village of Ecques, in the hamlet of Cauchy.

Cheers from France