Sorry there were many more H. McElligott

By: Donald Byers
On: 11/18/2002
I looked again and his name was not the only person that popped up there was a number of them.

Sorry Don Byers

Re: Sorry there were many more H. McElligott

By: Helen E. Haffner
On: 11/19/2002
I just located Omar's tailgunner, Herb F. McElligott, rather his widow who lives in Ft. Myers,Florida. Herb flew both on Little Mo and Omar the Dentmaker. He was grounded with a bad nose infection the day Omar was shot down,March 26,1944. He kept in very close touch with Capt.William Rumsey's parents after the crash and has much correspondence. Omar's crew had a little mascot dog named "Shanty" who stayed behind with Herb on that fateful day. The dog was run over by an ambulance just after Omar taxied down the runway and later on that evening the plane & its crew did not return from their mission. Herb never got over his losses as they were a very close knit group and had all trained together in Lewiston, Montana.