Seeking Info On Roy Sanders

By: Mark Sanders Meyer
On: 10/22/2002
I am the nephew of Roy Sanders. My uncle was a waist gunner serving in the 401st Bomb Group, with the 613th Bomb Squadron. My uncle went down with his plane on or about April 13, 1944. He was part of the crew with Alfred Vokaty. I'm interested in anyone who has information concerning my uncle. I'm currently researching a family history. Please feel free to contact me at my email address of

Re: Seeking Info On Roy Sanders

By: Andrea Vokaty
On: 11/03/2004
Are you still searching for info on your uncle Roy Sanders?  My name is Andrea Vokaty and I am the grand-daughter of Alfred "Bud" Vokaty. I mentioned your uncles name to my dad and he immediately recognized it.  Please contact me as soon as possible and maybe I will be able to fill in some gaps for you along with my dad.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Andrea Vokaty

Re: Seeking Info On Roy Sanders

By: Norman P. Claxon
On: 04/05/2007
Seeking info on Lt. Vokaty's crew and aircraft.