Ten Horse Power

By: Mark
On: 10/01/2002
Looking for information on a plane called the " Ten Horse Power "

Re: Ten Horse Power

By: David Pearce
On: 10/02/2002
I'm afraid I cannot trace a B-17 belonging to the 401st with that nickname.

There was a B-17 assigned to the 351st Bomb Group with that name, Serial Number - 42-31763.

The a/c was assigned to the 510th Bomb Sqdrn and carried to code TU-A. The a/c was badly damaged on the 20/2/44, Leipzig Mission. Lt W Truemper & Sgt A Mathies earned Posthumous Medal of Honour for attempting to land a/c with wounded men aboard, crashed on fourth attempt to land at base, Polebrook.

Sgt Mathies was on his second mission.

I hope this has been of help to you.


Re: Ten Horse Power

By: Bob Carson
On: 10/08/2002
There is a book about this plane. "Valor at Polebrook: The Last Flight of Ten Horsepower", by Rick School and Jeff Rogers. It's available at Amazon.Com (and other places, I imagine). ISBN number 0967500389. It gives the background of the crew as well as tells the story of the flight.