William Urry

By: Justin Urry
On: 07/11/2001
My grandpa Bill Urry was a member of the 401st and was shot down over hanover in april 1944.  I was wondering if anyone knew him and if anyone recalls what the name of his plane was.

Re: William Urry

By: Donald Byers
On: 07/11/2001
He was with the 612th Bomber Squadron of the 401st Bomb Group:

2nd Lt.  F.O. Kuhl        Pilot        POW
2nd Lt.  E.J. Czpupyk     Co-Pilot     POW
2nd Lt.  A.M. Sussman     Navigator    POW
2nd Lt.  W.C. Urry        Bombardier   POW
SSgt.    W.   Shaw        Radio Ops    POW
SSgt.    C.E. Robinson    Engineer     POW
Sgt.     R.P. Dziadzia    Ball Turret  KIA
Sgt.     J.C. Terwiske    Tail Gunner  POW
Sgt.     R.D. Funk        Left Waist   POW
SSgt.    W.D. Smith       Right Waist  POW

42-39979 (no name)
Deliverd Long Beach 23/10/43; Gr Island 13/11/43; assigned 612BS/401BG [SC-H] Deenethrope 2/1/44; MIA Stettin 11/4/44; With Kuhl; Flak Missing Air Crew Report MACR 4018.

Don Byers
Lubbock Texas

Re: William Urry

By: Chester Sohoski
On: 09/29/2005
Dear Sir,
   I have a few questions about a flight jacket that I happened upon. It has handpainted "Nose Art" from a plane called "Tantalizing Takeoff"  The front of the jacket has a crest with the words "Mors
Ab Alto" below it. On the back is the actual nose art from the plane (B17-G) Below the art are hand painted emblems of bombs (24 total) and 8 "nazi" symbols. I was told that the bombs represent missions and the nazi symbols represent the number of Luftwaffe planes shot down. Also, I was told that the design of the jacket is indicative of a "Bubble Turret Gunners" uniform. Could you shed any light on this matter? I believe it to be genuine and would like to donate it to the family of the soldier if I can find them. Thejacket is in great shape but all of the military tags have been removed. The only visible tag looks to have been burned but appears to show the colors of the American Flag. Any help would be appreciated. I thank you in advance for your time.


Chester Sohoski