July 20 1944

By: Inge Grondin
On: 07/09/2001
I was contacted today by a german newspaper from Weimar. ALL THE NAMES OF THE B-17 will be put on the stone. However, iam still looking for family members,because the Invitation to Wohlsborn is still open.
My brother is thanking all of you nice peoples who has helped in the search.
Now i have a nother question; has anyone of you been in weimar 1945, and helped open the gate of the camp Buchenwald? Since i was living nearby and have seen just about everything,still looking for that one soldier.Here is the story. While you all where there, one couth my eys, and i had really a very hard time to get him cleand up. I must scrubt his back to hard, and than i ask him why is he still dirthy, well the answer was, darling this is the color of my skin. If you are that one please contact me. God Bless Inge