Captain William M Rumsey

By: David Pearce
On: 07/09/2002
Seeking any information on Captain William Rumsey and crew.

I am aware that Capatin Rumsey was lost on the 26/3/44 on the mission to Watton, France whilst flying a/c 42-37833, 'Omar the dentmaker'

Any information on Missions and aircraft flown will be of help.

Also any information on the a/c 'Omar the Dentmaker' would also be helpful.How did the a/c obtain the nickname ?.

Thank you in anticipation.


Re: Captain William M Rumsey

By: Scott McElvain
On: 07/22/2002
Can supply you a list of crewmen, missions, airplanes flown, and info on the planes.  Too much to put in a reply on the message board.  E-mail me.  O the D was gained by the unit on November 4, 1943.  Rumsey's crew is supposed to have flown it on their first mission 26 Nov 43, and I can't find any evidence of it having flown earlier.  Nicknames and serial numbers generally weren't on the loading lists until Aug 44 and beyond unless something significant happened to the plane.  

Re: Captain William M Rumsey

By: Jack Reid
On: 07/31/2002
I searched 'google' with 'Omar the Dentmaker' and got a pretty interesting response; apparently one of the crew was interned in Stalag Luft 1 - amazing amount of info - paste this into your browser