James F McMahon, MIA? May 1944

By: Maureen McMahon Mooney
On: 07/06/2002
My uncle's aircraft number was 42-97440 IW-A, called "Flak Rat II". He was a waist-gunner.
He died May 30, 1944 after the aircraft was shot down.  I believe he parachuted out.
I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has further information about him.

Re: James F McMahon, MIA? May 1944

By: David Pearce
On: 07/07/2002
According the the 401st loses the aircraft 42-97440 was lost on the 30th May 44'. The mission for that day was to Oscherslaben, Germany and they were shot down by fighters (Fw190's) 10 miles west of the target.

The Crew Members of Flak Rat II that day were :

1st Lt C L Wilson Pilot
2nd Lt C C Kelley Co-Pilot
2nd Lt J K Connery Navigator
2nd Lt F M Fogarty Bombardier
S/Sgt J A Gray Radio Operator
T/Sgt R E Quinn Eng/Top Turrett
S/sgt W W Passeno Ball Turrett
S/Sgt G N Pettit tail Gunner
S/sgt J F Mcmahon Waist Gunner KIA
S/sgt G R Smith Waist Gunner KIA

All the other members of the crew were POW'S.

I hope this has been of help in your reseach.

Re: James F McMahon, MIA? May 1944

By: Dale A Anderson
On: 07/10/2002
My Dad flew with James F McMahon. I have some info on
the crew that I have recieved from other members of the crew
E-mail me so we can talk. fndaa@uaf.edu

Re: James F McMahon, MIA? May 1944

By: Scott McElvain
On: 07/22/2002
Have a list of missions and crewmen, but the only plane mentioned is Flak Rat II since they didn't keep track of B-17 serial numbers before Aug 1944 unless there was some kind of incident involving it. If you don't get this info from someone else, e-mail me.

Re: James F McMahon, MIA? May 1944

By: Virginia I. Senande
On: 02/19/2007
Hi all,

My grandfather John A. Gray, Sr. was the radio operator on this mission. He was a POW and eventually returned safely home. He was reluctant to talk about his war experience, especially with family even until his death in 2004, but I do have some information. I would love to get in touch with others to put the stories together.

Virginia I. Senande (nee Gray)

Re: James F McMahon, MIA? May 1944

By: Donald McMahon
On: 07/25/2007
I would love to hear from you, my cousin was a waist gunner on your Dad's aircraft, they were shot down on May 30th 1944, and S/Sgt James Franklin McMahon was killed on the ground..I have the missing aircrew report I could share with you.
Don McMahon