401st B-17 "Our Jeannine"

By: Jim McCloskey
On: 07/03/2002
I am building a model B-17 from a print showing Maj. Howard's victory over a Messerschmitt bf 110 over Oschersleben on January 11, 1944.  Can anyone provide me with any information regarding the serial numbers on this particular ship? Names of the crew? and any information about this raid? Is there any surviving documentation showing the actual report submitted by the 401st, that backed up the CMH citation for Howard?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Jim McCloskey

Re: 401st B-17 "Our Jeannine"

By: Scott McElvain
On: 07/22/2002
There was a "Jeanne" and a "Stubborn Jean", but I can't find an "Our Jeannine" amongst the 401st nicknames.  Stubborn Jean was with the unit that early but was lost Dec 12 43.  There is an aviation print of the event that was accomplished after a great deal of research.  Will see if I can find the writeup that accompanied my copy of the print.  There was another print done of the same mission, but it didn't reflect a lot of research and there wasn't a lot of detail to it.

Re: 401st B-17 "Our Jeannine" P.S.

By: Scott McElvain
On: 07/24/2002
I met Col Howard at an Air Force Association Convention just before the NorFolk Reunion in 1992.  Had several copies of the cheaper aviation print with me.  Had him sign them and gave them to 401st attendees that flew on that mission.  Quite a man.