Researching a book

By: Bob Carson
On: 06/27/2002
Hello, everyone.

I'm working on a fictional account of one particular aircraft in the 613th during late February/early March 1944. Art Seder has been quite helpful in answering the questions I've posed to him.

Much of the information available about the 8th is, naturally, focused on combat operations. What I am trying to find out more about is day-to-day life at Deenethorpe, and the procedure a new pilot would go through upon arriving in Great Britian and being assigned to the 613th.

If anyone would care to answer some more detailed questions, offer their recollections, or advise me of other places to look for information, I'd be very grateful.

My E-mail address is

Thanks very much.

Bob Carson

Re: Researching a book

By: Jake Shepherd
On: 09/13/2002
I applaud your interest in WWII and specifically the 8th Air Force.  I have just posted an answer to a message on page 2 of the Forum under the original message "co-pilots."  My experience upon arrival at Deenethorpe was somewhat different than most, but all of it is very memorable to me. I would be happy to aid you in any way and answer any questions you might have if I could..