"Ice Cold Katy" serial no. 42-107039. 612th BS

By: Steve Siviter
On: 05/30/2002
I would like to mention for all those who contributed to my research into the history of "Ice Cold Katy" of the 612th BS, that the book is in the final stages of preparation. It's been quite a few years since I started this project, and it had to take the back seat for a while for a number of reasons. Mainly marriage, kids and home moves! Still I did get around to getting back on track and I hope to have it finished in a couple of months. I would like to thank all those who were generous to take the time to help me with the research, I am eternally grateful. I would still welcome any assistance with the project and would be grateful of any recollections about this particular ship.

Best wishes;
United Kingdom.

P.S. Excellent website!  

Re: "Ice Cold Katy" serial no. 42-107039. 612th BS

By: Smiley Mildwater
On: 06/08/2002

Good evening, absolutely astounded to find your reference on the 401st website as we are researching the same aircraft. My reason is that my son is a pilot for British Antarctic Surveys and his aircraft, a DHC 6C Twin Otter is called Ice Cold Katy!!!
We have found the reference in the Roger A Freeman B-17 book but can you supply us with any further information on the aircraft and crew.
The Ice Cold Katy his Twotter is called after was an Auster that was used in the South Atlantic during WW2 on operation Tabarin (The denial of Antarctica to the Nazis)
Somewhere along the line is a link between the aircraft and the name.

Hope you can help


Smiley Mildwater

Re: "Ice Cold Katy" serial no. 42-107039. 612th BS / A-10 81-0997 Ice Cold Katy

By: Sra Cameron Dingler
On: 10/24/2002
Hi names SRA Dingler And IM curently The Crew Chief to the modern day Ice Cold Katy A-10 that is . My Katy was Named After the 2 B-17's who beared the name . I would love to talk with you about your book , and what if any was the B-17s nose art thanks .

Re: "Ice Cold Katy" serial no. 42-107039. 612th BS

By: Les Millgate
On: 05/13/2003
You've probably by now got a lot of material on 'Ice Cold Katy', but one former crew member was 1Lt Donald Bruce Rubin: completed a tour on Ice Cold Katy, went back to USA, returned and was killed (lead navigator) on 2 Oct 44, in a form-up collision over E Anglia. He is buried at the American Cemetery at Madingley, Cambridge. I've today photographed his grave for his younger sister and her son (in the States.)
I live near Cambridge, and know one of the BAS members, Doug Bone.
Les Millgate

Re: "Ice Cold Katy" serial no. 42-107039. 612th BS

By: SSGT Cameron Dingler
On: 08/30/2006
Actually I don’t have any information on the B-17 Ice cold Katy's but would like to get pictures. Im still wondering if they had Nose art and if so does anyone have pictures of it?

Cameron Former Crew Chief of the A-10 Ice Cold Katy

Re: "Ice Cold Katy" serial no. 42-107039. 612th BS

By: Sam McMurray
On: 11/19/2009
I assume I'm long past your publication date and will look for your book.Sorry I never saw this site before;instead my information was all anecdotal.My father,Richard McMurray (JR McMurray) was the co-pilot of that plane,and he used to relate some fairly hair-raising stories about his time in the 8th,some of which were political as well as combat related.Feel free to email me.